Made in the USA

The original electric outboard motor

We are a 3rd generation family-owned business manufacturing the Ray Electric Outboard since 1974. We were the first electric outboard motor to be designed and patented as a primary power electric outboard. Our motors are proudly made in the USA.

Reliable and durable

We manufacture our motors with aluminum, stainless steel, and high-grade plastic that will not deteriorate or rust even in the harshest environment.
90% of our motors are still in use after 30 years!


Our System 600 motor delivers nearly 300 pounds of static thrust, comparable to a 20 horsepower gasoline motor.

Don’t be fooled by other outboards with plastic props and complicated electronics that are difficult and expensive to replace. Be careful of converted gasoline motors with the wrong size props and incorrect gear ratio for electric motors needs.

Once you have done your research, you will realize that the Ray Electric Outboard is the industry’s leader and best overall value.

Austin, Doug and Morton Ray
The team: Angus, Austin, Danny and Rich

Morton Ray, Founder and Inventor

Mort Ray began designing the first electric outboard motor in 1973 in his basement. Graduating from West Point, and later Carnegie Mellon University with an advanced degree in electrical engineering, he knew that he could improve the current electric motors that were converted from gasoline. By the next year, he was manufacturing motors in his basement. Over the next 46 years, he consistently improved the design, reliability and efficiency of the motors. Morton passed away in 2018, so his family has taken up his mission to provide reliable, environmentally safe motors for the world.

Today, we are still manufacturing and improving the electric boat motor to withstand the rigors of everyday cruising, and to last for 20-30 years with very little maintenance.
In the future, we foresee an even faster and stronger motor for your boating adventures.

Armand Bayou Nature Center
Viking Solar Boats

Morton Ray designed electric boats as well, which are now being produced by Jamison Corallo of Viking Solar Boats. Contact him at for more information.

Our reputation is unsurpassed

Ray Electric Outboards are used by many parks and tour operators around the country and the world, even as far away as Australia.