Effective June 1, 2021

MotorSystem 300
36 Volts,
10 HP Equivalent
System 400
48 Volts,
16 HP Equivalent
System 600
60 Volts,
20 HP Equivalent
System 700
72 Volts,
22 HP Equivalent
Suggested Retail Price

Two Battery Charger Brands Recommended– See Below

Dual Pro Battery Charger
(3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty)
25 amps output
accommodates 6
golf cart batteries
18 amps output
accommodates 8
golf cart batteries
13 amps output
accommodates 10
golf cart batteries
12 amps output
accommodates 12
golf cart batteries
Dual Pro Battery Charger
36 Volts Only
(3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty) OR
15 amps output
accommodates 6
golf cart batteries
Lester Battery Charger
(4 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty)
accomodates 6
golf cart batteries
accomodates 8
golf cart batteries
Not availableNot available

Tilt & Trim$673$673$673$673
Dual Console for Dual Motor Mounts$350$350$350$350
Additional Charger Lead Assembly
( 1 Included Free with Motor & Charger Purchase)
Tiller option$250$250$250$250
Overseas chargers 36V / 48V / 60V upon request

Recommended Batteries

  1. Deep Cycle Flooded 6V 230 Ah (Deka GC-15) and higher
  2. AGM 6V 220 Ah (Lifeline GPL-4CT)

Call your dealer for pricing

All Ray Systems include:

  • Outboard motor with long or short propeller shaft, as requested
  • Console for remote system only
  • Power wires and terminals
  • Electrical control cables
  • Operation and Maintenance Instructions
  • One Year Warranty on parts & labor
  • Six months warranty for commercial use

To order your Ray Electric Outboard:
Please contact us for information on a dealer near you, at (239) 574-1948 or email: info@RayEO.com.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
International prices upon request.
Prices do not reflect shipping.

Installation is pure simplicity
Batteries, charger, throttle and motor

Consumer Packet

Each Ray motor customer receives a consumer packet which includes an extra brass shear pin, cotter pins, float keychain, warranty card, and Operating and Maintenance Instructions.