Instant Acceleration

Any type of battery can be used

  • Deep Cycle Flooded (Golf Cart Batteries)
  • AGM
  • Lithium Ion

Ask your dealer for recommendations on where to purchase batteries locally


Available in three power choices

  • 36 volt motor, comparable to 10 HP gasoline motor
  • 48 volt motor, comparable to 16 HP or
  • 60 volt motor, comparable to 20 HP gasoline motors

Custom built to fit each individual boat

  • Short Shaft: 15″ transom model for smaller boats
  • Long Shaft: 20″ transom model for most standard boats
  • Extended Shaft: Up to 25″ transom for sailboats and larger boats

Control Consoles available with

  • Standard single lever
  • Dual lever ( for boats that need two motors) and
  • Tiller model option, upon request

Dual Pro Charger Eagle Performance Series and
Electric Tilt & Trim Kit available