Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston Texas

“Armand Bayou Nature Center is a 2500 acre nature preserve and outdoor education facility located on a bayou which is a part of the Galveston Bay System in southeast Texas. One of our primary missions is to educate the public about nature and the natural habitats which occur here. Armand Bayou Nature Center purchased a Ray Electric Outboard Motor in 1992 for use on our 32 foot pontoon boat. This boat is used for educational tours on Armand Bayou, a brackish water stream opening into Galveston Bay.

Our Ray Motor has been in service here for twenty years and has been one of the most reliable pieces of equipment which we use. It powers the boat on several tours each week. The brackish water environment is pretty tough on mechanicals, but the Ray Outboard takes it in stride. We have replaced components over the years, but the basic motor is original. And the number of days it has not been operational is insignificant given the huge number of days it has provided reliable service.

It is also perfect for our needs. It is very quiet running and so allows a close approach to wildlife. Birds, fish, White-tailed Deer and alligators are not alarmed by the soft sound of the motor. We operate with no fuel or oil aboard so it is completely non-polluting. This is very important on a wildlife preserve. The Ray motor also moves the boat along with amazing power for such a compact unit.

And it is tough. In our bayou there are many stumps, fallen trees and other hazards which we cannot help but hit every now and then. The Ray has never been damaged by these collisions – not the lower unit or motor – in twenty years of active service! The Ray tilt mechanism works wonderfully and really protects the motor.

The customer service which Ray Electric Outboards has provided to us over the years has been second to none. [They] have very often personally helped us to diagnose problems and repair the motor the few times this was necessary. The company offers truly great customer service.

The Ray Outboard Motor is an excellent product and our motor has served us for this long period of service with flying colors. Our boat captain here sites the Ray Outboard as ‘the most reliable boat motor that I have been associated with for the 30 years that I’ve been on the water’. We would buy another without hesitation. Thank you for such a great product!!”

Mark Kramer, U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master
Armand Bayou Nature Center

George Regmund, Stewardship Biologist
Armand Bayou Nature Center

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